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Whether coming to Guam for a few days or more, our ready to use Prepaid SIM cards or Rental MiFi devices will give you the convenience, flexibility and ease of use to stay connected with your home, loved ones, office, work, fellow travelers to Guam and practically anyone else connected to the internet.

Our Prepaid SIM provides Unlimited Local Talk & Text, Unlimited US Nationwide Calling and Unlimited 4G Data. Rental MiFi devices are also available. Same convenience and flexible plan options. Our small, handy and ultra portable MiFi devices provide FAST and UNLIMITED access to 4G LTE internet connection.

Surf the internet with speeds up to 21mbps. Share wireless access to as many as 10 other devices up to 10 hours of usage.

Business Travel

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You’re a dedicated and passionate employee or business traveler who wants to hit the ground running and start work immediately upon getting to your new destination Guam. You would not want to waste precious time scouting and searching around for the best Prepaid SIM or a Rental MiFi for your communication and internet requirements.

How does being able to book your order even before the start of your trip so that you just pick up your Prepaid SIM or Rental MiFi when you arrive on Guam sound?

Guam Prepaid has your back! We will help you impress your boss, business partner or associates by accomplishing your tasks way ahead of time and sending in that all important report.

After a job well done, go reward yourself with the rest of the afternoon off on the beaches of Guam.


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Whether you’re on Guam for temporary or long term deployment, nothing beats homesickness better than being in touch with your loved ones back home.

Guam Prepaid SIM has Prepaid plans that include Unlimited Nationwide U.S. Calling, Unlimited local calling, Unlimited local texting and Unlimited 4G data.

You might also want to consider our Rental MiFi options. With likewise unlimited flexible plans to choose from, our MiFi device allows you to connect and share your internet connection with up to ten devices and can last up to 10 hours of usage.

We truly appreciate and thank you for your service to our country and hope that we can serve you back as well.